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Written by Chris Castillo on June 9, 2021

Why Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

When you own or manage a business, you have two main goals: to grow the business and make it more profitable. And the truth is that you can’t achieve either of these goals without digital marketing.

Marketing your business online makes it easier to attract and retain customers. With digital marketing, you can reach a large audience that’s interested in using your products or services without spending a ton of money.

And probably the best thing about digital marketing is that anyone can do it. You only need a website, a Google Ads account, and a Facebook page and you’re ready to go. So why are so many successful companies in Toronto hiring digital marketing agencies? Why aren’t they handling their online marketing on their own? Read on to find out what a digital marketing agency is, how it can help, and why you should hire a digital marketing agency in Toronto.

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What Is A Digital Marketing Agency?

Online marketing has changed dramatically over the last decade. Nowadays, if you want to promote your business online without wasting money, you must be familiar with pay-per-click advertising (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, marketing strategy, content marketing, email marketing, website design, lead generation, and more. This makes it difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to handle all their digital marketing efforts in-house.

A digital marketing agency is a business that has only one goal - to help you, the client, attract and convert more customers. An agency is made up of professionals who have the skills and tools to create and implement successful marketing strategies for your business.

Digital marketing agencies in Toronto offer a wide variety of marketing services. Some agencies can lead all your marketing efforts, from PPC to website development, while others specialize in certain marketing areas, such as lead nurturing or social media advertising, and will only take on specific projects.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can hire a digital marketing agency to handle all your marketing efforts, or you can outsource only the marketing tasks your team does not master.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Marketing Agency

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1. Cost-Effective Growth

It can be difficult to navigate the digital marketing landscape on your own. You would need to hire marketing specialists, train them to become familiar with your business, invest in different marketing tools, and more.

But when you hire a digital marketing agency, you hire a team of marketing professionals that already has all the necessary tools and skills to use them. And when you hire a marketing agency, chances are they’re already familiar with your business model, so the onboarding process is usually swift and painless.

Instead of spending money on salaries and marketing tools, you invest directly in your company’s growth. And here’s the thing, hiring a full-service digital marketing agency that can handle your marketing needs is often cheaper than hiring in-house specialists, so it’s a cost-effective way to grow your business.

2. You Can Focus On What’s Important

You’re the owner or manager, so nobody knows your business better than you do. When you hire a digital marketing agency, you no longer have to waste time focusing on marketing efforts. You can focus on what’s really important to your business, whether that means taking your services to the next level, improving your product, securing new business collaborations, or something else.

3. Use Successful Marketing Strategies

The digital marketing landscape can be complicated to understand because there are so many variables to take into account at all times. But digital marketing agencies specialize in creating successful marketing strategies for their clients.

So instead of investing in certain marketing areas, such as PPC or SEO, just because other businesses do it, the agency’s specialists develop a marketing strategy that’s tailored to your company’s needs, goals, and budget.

And since a marketing agency’s only goal is to attract more customers for their clients, the strategy they develop for your business has a high chance of being successful.

4. Know What’s Trending

Digital marketing agencies in Toronto use tools that keep track of consumer behavior and current marketing trends, so they know how to communicate with your target audience.

To be successful in marketing, you have to show up where your audience is, whether this means being active in forums, showing up on social media, or posting videos online.

Marketing agencies spend a lot of time learning where your audience is and what your audience is interested in, so they can discover more opportunities to connect with your ideal customers.

5. Combined Experience

Top digital marketing agencies in Toronto are made out of several marketing professionals who specialize in different marketing areas. Some of them are SEO specialists, some are social media marketers, some are email marketers, web developers, UX designers, and so on.

When you hire a digital marketing agency, you benefit from their combined experience. This enables the agency to create complex marketing strategies that address your company’s needs and pave the way toward your goals.

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Advantages of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

  • Cost-effective solution to your marketing problems
  • Experienced marketing professionals who can develop complex marketing strategies that work
  • Have the manpower, skills, and tools they need to successfully promote your business in the online environment
  • Can help you attract more visitors to your company website and generate more conversions, such as more subscriptions or sales
  • Can help expand your brand’s online audience
  • Can improve your presence on social media, making it easier for your audience to connect to your brand
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What You Should Take Into Consideration When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency in Toronto, it’s important to know that agencies offer different services. Here are some things you should take into consideration before hiring a marketing agency:

  • Experience - how many projects has the agency worked on?
  • Services - does the agency specialize in certain marketing areas?
  • Results - were the agency’s previous projects successful?
  • Industry experience - did the agency work with clients operating in your industry in the past? If it did, what were the results?
  • Reviews/Testimonials - what do previous clients say about the agency?
  • Cost - how much does the agency charge? Is it a fair price or is it expensive compared to other agencies of similar experience?
  • Team - does the agency have a team of marketing professionals who specialize in different marketing areas?

Grow Your Business with Propel - Toronto Digital Marketing Agency

Propel is a small boutique digital marketing agency, and we prefer it this way because it allows us to dedicate a lot of attention and energy to our clients. We work closely with our clients because we want to make sure that our work surpasses their expectations.

When you work with us, you’re not a number in our ledger. You’re a valued client who always benefits from our best work. We believe that your success story helps us grow our own business, which is why we always put in the time and effort to deliver great results.

Contact us if you want to break through your business goals on a budget. Let’s grow your business in an ROI-positive way.

Grow Your Business With Propel

Digital Marketing Agency FAQ

What is the purpose of marketing agencies?

All marketing agencies have a single purpose - to help their clients grow with digital marketing.

Who needs marketing services?

Every business that wants to attract customers online can benefit from digital marketing.

Why do brands hire an advertising agency?

Advertising agencies have the specialists and software brands need to grow. They offer cost-effective marketing services that enable brands to expand and increase their profits.

Is it better to hire a digital marketing employee or outsource to a digital marketing agency?

It depends on your goals and budget. If your plan is to achieve a certain, singular goal, hiring a digital marketing employee can be a great solution. But if you plan to achieve multiple goals, hiring a digital marketing agency is usually better because you benefit from the combined experience of multiple marketing professionals.
Article written by Chris Castillo
I'm the owner and founder of Propel Digital Media Solutions. Our small boutique agency helps businesses scale their revenue and growth through smart, data-driven, and profitable marketing strategies.
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