• disability_gov


UI DesignUX StrategyUI DevelopmentIAWP Theme Development

Disability.gov is yet another project developed in conjunction with the awesome team at Devis. The goal of this design was to present users with a clear and decluttered way to navigate through the massive portal, while keeping accessibility considerations in the forefront.

  • ultra

Blackboard’s Learn SaaS Mobile Platform

UI DesignUX StrategyUI DevelopmentIAConcept Development

As a dual member of the UI Engineering and UX teams at Blackboard, Inc. I worked on a huge project that focused on transforming the company’s flagship software solution (Blackboard Learn) from an outdated, legacy Java software solution, into an easy-to-use interface and set of innovative tools that make both teaching and learning simpler, yet more effective. The new Blackboard Learn features all of that in a cloud-based solution that is highly focused on usability, accessibility, and a great user experience.

  • devis


UI DesignUX Strategy

Devis is a super-awesome federal contracting firm based in Arlington, VA. Their web site design hadn’t been updated in a few years, and needed a complete overhaul.

  • carepass


UI DesignUX StrategyUI DevelopmentIAConcept Development

CarePass is the original HealthKit —a place in the cloud with a bunch of application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect and receive data from a variety of health wearables and apps. I worked with Medullan, Inc. to improve the UI design, IA, and general UX of both the web and mobile experiences.

  • fai

Federal Acquisition Institute

UI Design

The great people at Devis approached me about creating the user interface for an eLearning platform for the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI). By following FAI’s branding guidelines, and IA direction from Devis, I designed a theming guide to serve as a base to develop the system’s UI.

  • wrp

Workforce Recruiting Program (WRP)

UI Design

The Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) is a recruitment and referral program under the U.S. Department of Labor that connects federal sector employers nationwide with highly motivated college students and recent graduates with disabilities, who are eager to prove their abilities in the workplace through summer or permanent jobs. In conjunction with the Devis team, we developed a proof-of-concept for a web-based and mobile iOS applications that allow recruiters to easily manage their interviews, contacts, calendars, and notes.

  • avalo

Ricardo Ávalo

UI DesignUX StrategyUI Development

Ricardo is an extremely talented artist from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Circa 2005, he came to be my first ever “official” freelance client. The design of his latest site, ricardoavalo.com is meant to be a direct reflection of his artistic style. While designing the single-page portfolio/curriculum vitae, I experimented with a variety of textures and visual styles that resembled that of his artwork. The result was a virtual space that not only serves the purpose of showcasing his art, but also as a virtual extension of it.

  • att


UI Design

Tekcenture, a web development firm from Irving, TX contacted me about re-designing the User Interface (UI) for AT&T’s business portal. The result was a clean, yet vivid design that directly reflected AT&T’s brand.

  • hitometer


UI DesignUX StrategyConcept Development

Hitometer is a prototype/conceptual iOS app that provides batting stats for Major League Baseball. It is designed to cater fantasy league, and general sports enthusiasts.